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A couple of questions...

Here are a bunch of questions User:Hidraslick posted on my wall at Community Central. To make them easier to find, I'll answer them here.

Hello I'm new in the wikia, first I want to congratulate you for that amazing mod and for keep Jade Empire alive. I finally found you!, I tried to contact everywhere ModDb, Lucasforums, Youtube. I want to do some moding to the game myself so I got some questions for you:


1. Can you tell me how much cut content the game has in some sort of list?

2 How can I add a new style? could you explain me please how to do it step by step?(I already figure this one out by myself with a little help from your wikia and a thread from Lucasforums)

3 Do you know where can I found lothario1132 mods?

4 How I add those style to a merchant or put them as a reward??

5 Where can I find the animation you used for tien's justice and how can i use it?

6 Do you know about a magic style named metal?

7 How can I do to apply the drunken style mechanic of your mod to the vanilla game without installing the whole mod?

8 How can I add styles or items to zin bu (and other merchants) and how I modify his buy/sell prizes?

9 Which files did you edit to change the magic styles models?

10 How i adapt the speed of the monkey paw style?

I wanna know too if you know how I could access to the locked flyer mission.

Thank you I keep in contact to let you know anything i need or discover and how it goes.

Sorry if I have a bad English.

The answer to the first question is here

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I'll be looking to that :)


There are mdl and mdx free editors on the web, maybe one of those should do the trick, or those files have any special code or something???. See this or maybe using a kotor mdl/mdx converter since there are similarity between the files from kotor and jade empire.

I just think this maybe somebody could modify the kotor mdl/mdx converter to accept jade empire files...

It's just an idea


As far as I know, none of the existing tools work for the JE models. I'd love to be wrong about that though. Or do you have the knowledge to write one of those yourself? Either way: Any news on that front would be a HUGE deal. If we were able to edit the models we should be able to create brand new styles, new character models, new wold objects, maybe even new areas...


No knowledge of any kind but maybe if someone from lucasforums adapts one of their tools, that maybe will do the trick

Sure. If you find somebody...
I asked away. I will be looking for their answer

Hey finally got an answer!!! Someone said to me that it's actually posible to adapt one of the programs of modeling edition of kotor but also said that it is not likely for that to happen.

But I'm going to keep trying
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