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void AcquireHenchmanStore();;

void AcquireHenchmanStore(); int GetItemBuyPrice(object oStore, int nItemID ); int GetItemSellPrice(object oStore, int nItemID ); void OpenStore(object oStore, int nBuyModifier=-1, int nSellModifier=-1 ); void SetItemBuyPrice(object oStore, int nItemID, int nCost ); void SetItemSellPrice(object oStore, int nItemID, int nCost );

void AcquireHenchmanStore(); void ActivateHenchman(int nHenchman, object oSpawnAt, int bLineOfSight = FALSE, int nHenchmanSubtype = 0 ); void DeactivateAllHenchmen(); void DeactivateHenchman(int nHenchmanId); int GetHenchmanAvailable(int nHenchmanId, int bIgnoreInWorld = FALSE, int nHenchmanSubtype = 0); int GetHenchmanCombatMode(int nHenchmanId); int GetHenchmanLevel(int nHenchmanId); int GetHenchmanState(int nHenchmanId, int nHenchmanSubtype = 0); int GetSelectedHenchman(); int GetSelectedHenchmanSubtype(); void LockCurrentHenchman(int bLock); void PolymorphPlayerToHenchman(int nHenchmanId); void SetHenchmanAppearance( int nAppearance, int nHenchmanId ); void SetHenchmanCombatMode(int nHenchmanId, int nCombatMode); void SetHenchmanFollowPlayerInCombat(int nHenchmanIndex, int nFollowPlayer); void SetHenchmanLevel(int nHenchmanId, int nLevel); void SetHenchmanLockStrRef( int nHenchmanId, int nStrRef ); void SetHenchmanPortraitType(int nHenchmanId, int nType); void SetHenchmanState(int nHenchmanId, int nState, int nHenchmanSubtype = 0); void SetSelectedHenchman(int nHenchmanId, object oDeactivateTargetWaypoint=OBJECT_INVALID, object oActivatedTargetObject=OBJECT_INVALID, int bDeactivatePrevious=FALSE, int nHenchmanSubtype = 0 ); void TransformHenchman( int nHenchIndex, int nNewHenchIndex );

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