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void ActionCastSpell(object oTarget, int nSpell, int nProjectilePathType=PROJECTILE_PATH_TYPE_DEFAULT); void ActionCloseDoor(object oDoor); void ActionDoCommand(action aActionToDo); void ActionFollowCreature(object oFollow, float fFollowDistance=0.0f); void ActionForceMoveToLocation(location lDestination, int nRunType=0, float fTimeout=30.0f, int nMoveAnim = -1); void ActionForceMoveToObject(object oMoveTo, int nRunType=0, float fRange=1.0f, float fTimeout=30.0f, int nMoveAnim = -1); void ActionGiveItem(object oGiveTo, string sItem); void ActionInteractObject(object oPlaceable); void ActionJumpToLocation(location lLocation, int bWalkStraightLineToPoint=TRUE); void ActionJumpToObject(object oToJumpTo, int bWalkStraightLineToPoint=TRUE); void ActionLockObject(object oTarget); void ActionMoveAwayFromLocation(location lMoveAwayFrom, int nRunType=0, float fMoveAwayRange=40.0f, int nMoveAnim = -1); void ActionMoveAwayFromObject(object oFleeFrom, int nRunType=0, float fMoveAwayRange=40.0f, int nMoveAnim = -1); void ActionMoveToLocation(location lDestination, int nRunType=0, int nMoveAnim = -1); void ActionMoveToObject(object oMoveTo, int nRunType=0, float fRange=1.0f, int nMoveAnim = -1); void ActionOpenDoor(object oDoor); void ActionPauseConversation(int nResumeCountRequired=1, object oidOwner=OBJECT_SELF); void ActionPlayAnimation(int nAnimation, float fSpeed=1.0, float fDurationSeconds=0.0); void ActionPlaySound2D(string sSoundCue); void ActionPlaySound3D(string sSoundCue); void ActionPlaySoundAtPosition(string sSoundCue, vector vPosition); void ActionPlayerCombat(); void ActionRandomWalk(int nRange=7); void ActionResumeConversation(int nResumeCount=1); void ActionSetFacing(object oTarget, int nDirection=FACING_TURNSHORTEST); void ActionSpeakStringByStrRef(int nStrRef); void ActionStartConversation(object oObjectToConverseWith, string sDialogResRef="", int nRange=0, int nConversationDelay=0, int nIgnoreLineOfSight=1, int bNoWidescreen=0, int nResetZoom=1); void ActionTakeItem(object oTakeFrom, string sItem); void ActionUnlockObject(object oTarget); void ActionWait(float fSeconds, int nSemaphoreCount=0); void ClearAllActions(); int GetCurrentAction(object oObject=OBJECT_SELF);

void ActionDoCommand(action aActionToDo); void AssignCommand(object oActionSubject,action aActionToAssign); void ClearDelayCommands(object oObject); void DelayCommand(float fSeconds, action aActionToDelay); int GetCommandable(object oTarget=OBJECT_SELF); void SetCommandable(int bCommandable, object oTarget=OBJECT_SELF);

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