• BustedZen

    Current plans

    January 23, 2013 by BustedZen

    So now that I've got a rudimentary gem creation tutorial up and have some familiarity creating my own gems it's back to scripting.  There are quite a few ideas running through my head but I want to get this homebrew debugger console going and finally start getting somewhere with my stat regeneration plans.

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  • BustedZen

    Raison D'être

    January 22, 2013 by BustedZen

    When I first came to this wiki there were so many questions I had but couldn't find the answers to. Any where.  I was invigorated by the possibilities that modding would open up to me, but disheartened by my ignorance and the apparent lack of information on the subject.  I didn't even have access to the tools necessary to modify several of the file types or compile scripts.  All I could really do was screw around with 2da files and even doing that was a challenge initially. 

    I don't know how many people after me care enough about Jade Empire to look into modding it - hell, I only stumbled upon the idea through some sort of alchemical combination of dumb luck and nostalgia - but I feel like I should try to document as much of what I discover…

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  • Pecoes

    The big button

    March 3, 2012 by Pecoes

    Here's a quick update about what I've been doing lately: I've finally come to the realization that I need to make Jade Empire's scripting language the core of this wiki. The simple truth is: Between 2da-editing and scripting I know more about scripting. A lot more. In the beginning I focussed on 2das for a rather silly reason: There are so much less of them and there's so much less to say...

    But alright. Scripting it is. No use in hiding from it. For starters I thought it would be wise to add all scripting functions to this wiki. Over the last one and a half weeks I've aggregated lots of data about the functions, created templates/CSS/etc. on this wiki and wrote a little bot that will create all those hundreds of pages in my stead.

    So that's…

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  • Xephinetsa

    This is a blog. The first ever blog that I have posted here on this wiki. The blog is a bloggy blog, but not bloggy enough until I say "blog" one more time. Okay, there you have it. It's a blog and not just any blog, but the bloggiest blog of blogs in the entire history of blogs! If you read this, then you should feel very special, as you are participating in history. Well, I'm off the the moon now! See you guys later!

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