This 2da contains the effects of the all the game's techniques. Note that the in-game appearance - icon, price, etc. - is featured in items.2da Source-small

Most Common EffectsEdit

Many effects are possible in this 2da, but the following are used most often:

effect meaning
37 modifies health base
38 modifies chi base
39 modifies focus base
17 modifies intimidation skill
18 modifies intuition skill
19 modifies charm skill

The Columns of improvements.2daEdit

column meaning
label internal name of the technique
effectX effect(s) of this technique; references a row in effects.2da Source-small
parameterX additional parameter for EffectX; in case of a technique that increases the PCs Focus e.g., this column would contain the amount of that increase
storewarningstrref (unused)
exclusivitydenominator (unused)

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