This 2da contains information about the items that can be found or purchased throughout the game:

  • Gems
  • Techniques
  • Plot Items
  • Weapons
  • Powerups (such as Chi orbs or Focus orbs)
  • Minigame Weapons

Combat styles are items as well, but for some reason or another the developers decided not to give them their own category. They're filed under "powerups".

A Note about WeaponsEdit

Weapons are the odd items in this list. There is a weapons.2da Source-small but it is unused. Apparently the developers did not find a way to squeeze weapons into their database scheme. That's because weapons have a somewhat complicated nature. The simplest weapons like Fortune's Favorite and Golden Star are regular combat styles and therefore powerups (see powerups.2da Source-small). The more advanced weapons like the Dragon Sword and the staff Flawless however are advancements (see styleadvance.2da Source-small) that improve the basic weapons. Worse: If the player receives the advanced weapon without having received the base weapon beforehand, he or she needs to receive the powerup as well as the advancement. The developers chose to stuff all this complex logic away into a script.

Jade Empire in Style uses a different approach. It replaces Bioware's weapon script with one that contains no magic numbers and stores all information about base styles, advancements, etc. in a new file named upgrades.2da.

The Columns of items.2daEdit

column name meaning
LABEL a short descritive name for the item; whether this column is purely informational or actually used by the game is untested

possible values:

  • gems
  • improvements
  • plot_items
  • weapons
  • powerups
  • mgweapons

these values have mixed meanings: gems, improvements, powerups and mgweapons point to other 2das: gems.2da Source-small, improvements.2da Source-small, powerups.2da Source-small and mgweapons.2da Source-small

sinces plot items do little more than lie around in your inventory, there's is no 2da and no scripts for them

see the note about weapons above

ID the row number in gems.2da Source-small, improvements.2da Source-small, powerups.2da Source-small and mgweapons.2da Source-small (if any)
COST the price at which the item can be bought in the game's stores

the model that represents the icon in the game world

possible values:

  • w_icon_Damulet (for all gems)
  • w_icon_heal (red orb - health powerup)
  • w_icon_chi (blue orb - chi powerup)
  • w_icon_focus (yellow-ish orb - focus powerup)
  • w_icon_powerall (white-ish orb - used for various rare combat powerups)
  • w_icon_test (black orb - unused in vanilla Jade Empire)
  • w_icon_bottle (Drunken Master powerup)
  • w_icon_ham (Improvised Hams powerup)
  • w_icon_chairleg (Improvised Chairlegs powerup)

theoretically it is possible to use any of the game's models, but most of them won't fit neatly into the space the game engine reserves for item models

ICON base name of the item's Icons
STRREF_NAME name of the item; points to an entry in the dialog.tlk
STRREF_DESC description of the item; points to an entry in the dialog.tlk
REWARD points to an entry in rewards.2da Source-small; whether this is actually used or not is untested

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