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// Cause the caller to face fDirection. // - fDirection is expressed as anticlockwise degrees from Due East. // DIRECTION_EAST, DIRECTION_NORTH, DIRECTION_WEST and DIRECTION_SOUTH are // predefined. (0.0f=East, 90.0f=North, 180.0f=West, 270.0f=South) // - oTarget is the object which should change its facing
void SetFacing(float fDirection, int nAnimate=0, object oTarget=OBJECT_SELF, int nDirection=FACING_TURNSHORTEST);;

vector AngleToVector(float fAngle); vector Cutscene_GetOrientation(); vector Cutscene_GetPosition(); void Cutscene_PropSetOrientation( string sPropTag, vector vOrientation ); void Cutscene_SetOrientation( vector vYawPitchRoll, float fTime, int bPauseConversation=FALSE ); void Cutscene_StuntSetOrientation(object oTarget, vector vOrient); void Cutscene_StuntSetPosition(object oTarget, vector vPosition); float GetDistanceBetween(object oObjectA, object oObjectB); float GetDistanceBetweenLocations(location lLocationA, location lLocationB); float GetDistanceToObject(object oObject); float GetFacing(object oTarget); float GetFacingFromLocation(location lLocation); vector GetPosition(object oTarget); vector GetPositionFromLocation(location lLocation); void SetFacing(float fDirection, int nAnimate=0, object oTarget=OBJECT_SELF, int nDirection=FACING_TURNSHORTEST); void SetFacingPoint(vector vTarget, int nAnimate=0, object oTarget=OBJECT_SELF, int nDirection=FACING_TURNSHORTEST); int SetPosition(object oidObject, vector vNewPosition); vector Vector(float x=0.0f, float y=0.0f, float z=0.0f); float VectorMagnitude(vector vVector); vector VectorNormalize(vector vVector); float VectorToAngle(vector vVector);

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