When I first came to this wiki there were so many questions I had but couldn't find the answers to. Any where.  I was invigorated by the possibilities that modding would open up to me, but disheartened by my ignorance and the apparent lack of information on the subject.  I didn't even have access to the tools necessary to modify several of the file types or compile scripts.  All I could really do was screw around with 2da files and even doing that was a challenge initially. 

I don't know how many people after me care enough about Jade Empire to look into modding it - hell, I only stumbled upon the idea through some sort of alchemical combination of dumb luck and nostalgia - but I feel like I should try to document as much of what I discover as I can; if not for others than at least as a personal reference.  If any one comes to this wiki looking for help, I hope my small contributions can provide some semblance of knowledge and clarity.


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