Here's a quick update about what I've been doing lately: I've finally come to the realization that I need to make Jade Empire's scripting language the core of this wiki. The simple truth is: Between 2da-editing and scripting I know more about scripting. A lot more. In the beginning I focussed on 2das for a rather silly reason: There are so much less of them and there's so much less to say... :shifty:

But alright. Scripting it is. No use in hiding from it. For starters I thought it would be wise to add all scripting functions to this wiki. Over the last one and a half weeks I've aggregated lots of data about the functions, created templates/CSS/etc. on this wiki and wrote a little bot that will create all those hundreds of pages in my stead.


So that's where I'm right now. My index finger is hovering over a big glowing button that says "Create 800 pages". So. Should I press it? Check out the test pages I made (or rather the bot made). You will find all of them in Category:Functions. If you have any criticism or feature requests, this is would be an excellent time to voice them. On Monday I'll press that button.

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